Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Photos

These are photos from the viewing tower of our home. This one is looking south. The tower in the background is the belltower of the Loreto Bay Inn.

This is Casa McGraw. All of the village homes have an exterior wall that opens into an interior courtyard/garden with the living space designed around it. It provides privacy and your own private little oasis. Our home will also have a very large exterior garden off the back of the house which many call the 3rd garden. It can be accessed by two gates entering the garden area from the street and inner public courtyard that our cluster of homes share as well as through two sets of french doors off the dining room and one of the bedrooms. It has yet to be landscaped, but once it is I will post photos of it. I hope it turns out the way I imagine.

Bless those Maple Leafs!

I just returned home after spending four beautiful days in sunny Loreto. There was work to be done, contractors to confer with but there was also a lot of fun. I met a bunch of guys who are from Canada that actually manufacture all the doors, windows and cabinets currently for Loreto Bay homes. They all live in town with either their girlfriends and/or wives and are great people who know how to enjoy life. They invited myself and a friend over to their house and barbecued steaks for us. We sat and traded stories and laughed at all of our foibles until late that night. I really respect their zest for living, their spirit for adventure, the simplicity of it all. They love what they do, they surround themselves with people they enjoy and they live each day to the fullest.......that is in essence what Mexico is all about.

I also got to explore the town of Loreto more this time than I have for the last year or so because I'm so busy attending to details on the house that it occupies all my time. But traveling with a friend this trip allowed us some free time in the evening and we walked and ate at a few different restaurants and enjoyed getting to know the locals who ran the businesses. Some of the businesses are ran by Loretanos, some are transplants from the states or Canada and some have come from all over Mexico to take advantage of the recent opportunities in Loreto that the new residential developments are creating. Most of the businesses that we frequented were owned and operated by Mexicans and I hope to be able to continue to give them business. All of the locals that we talked to were excited about the changes and the opportunities that the commerce has given them. Loreto even has a University now where it didn't before. The Loreto Bay Foundation (funds transferred to help develop the town from a percentage of home sales) has already provided a good start for a modern local hospital as well. I like the idea of giving back because the town has already given us so much beauty and a wonderful community to be a part of........we all hope that it continues.