Sunday, November 11, 2007

The launch of the Casa McGraw Blog

Its Sunday evening and I've spent the last few weeks selecting all the furniture pieces for our home in Loreto. It's due to be complete sometime in January. This has been a very lengthy that has spanned 2 1/2 years, but now things are happening, the house is looking like a house. The walls are up and painted, the floors are tiled and the windows and doors are in. The furniture collection that I have selected is a combination of standard pieces from the furniture vendor but also almost half will be custom pieces made just for our home. I've done all the shopping for our bedroom comforter sets and have picked up almost all our housewares for the kitchen. I'm going to Loreto this week to follow up on some things, do a site inspection and meet with a few other vendors for window coverings, electronics, etc.

This has been a very exciting experience and I have met a lot of great people through the community bulletin board and asking questions of families that have already moved in. In fact, my trip this week has been coordinated with a woman named Miki who lives in Southern California. We met last February on one of my visits to Loreto and she has been a great friend and resource for me.

Why a home in Loreto? Well, I fell in love with the idea of a small fishing village in Mexico or some other South American or European country. It started to become a dream of retirement dream, my escape, my have a home in a foreign land where I could experience a slower paced life, a simpler life....even just for a little while every now and then. I am a person who needs solitary time in order to keep up with the challenging and competitive life that has become my reality. So I envisioned this home........a place to recharge......possibly the start of my next life. I've wanted to try something new for an occupation for quite some time. I want to include more creativity into my existence, whether it be writing, cooking, creating a beautiful surrounding in a home or just bringing all those things into one place for others to enjoy, it seems enticing enough to pursue. So I discovered Loreto and fell in love with the small little town with the cobblestone streets, the malecon along the Sea of Cortez and the gigantic Sierra Mountains that loom very near and almost seem to guard the sea and all of her creatures.

Loreto Bay also seemed to be the perfect answer as well, a master planned community with hacienda style homes all with their own private courtyard and open space yet sharing common walls as though they were linking arms in friendship. There are alleyways and walkways but no roads within the development itself. It is intended to be a pedestrian friendly village, a self sustained development with commercial space for businesses that would provide services to the homeowners, a mini village so to speak. All of this appealed to me. It is not intended to be a mega resort, but a community. There will not be recreational watercraft taking off from the beach because Loreto Bay is the home of the largest marine wildlife park in the Sea of Cortez. Panga boats and fishing vessels are abound, as this is how a lot of the villagers earn their living, but they take off from the docks in town or from Puerto Escondido which is further south from the development.

So here we are 2 years later and getting closer and closer to our dream of foreign ownership, thus my story really starts. I will be writing in this blog documenting my trips, our experiences and whether or not its really time for a change in our lifestyle. I hope you enjoy.


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