Monday, November 17, 2008

Back and forth to Mexico....

It's been a busy few weeks for me. I just returned from Mazatlan, doing a site inspection of the condo's interior furnishings install. I thought it was going to be so seamless and a lot less work for me by hiring a local NW designer who has had experience in Mexico. But boy was I wrong. I was very disappointed to say the least. I will have to redo most of it. I spent the last 3 days shopping in Mazatlan for new furniture pieces, hiring a seamstress to finish the window treatments (she hung raw pieces of fabric to clips on a drapery rod) and took as many photos as I could that would make the unit seem rent-ready. I should have just done the whole thing myself. I enjoy that kind of thing, but I was in a rush and had very little time available. Oh and learn, right? The condo unit should be ready in a few weeks, (see new photos on the La Perla del Mar blog, listed in the right column). I'll have furniture delivered, new artwork hung and we should be good to go. Whew! I got spoiled with Joel and Luis......I hope all of you Loreto Bay homeowners appreciate their commitment to customer service and the quality of their furniture. They stand behind their commitments 100%. I will always refer new homeowners to Casa Mesquite. They are what a "preferred vendor" is all about.

Speaking of Loreto......I will be leaving for Loreto on Thursday. It will be some nice R & R just for myself. I have some odd jobs to take care of around the house, such as sealing all of the countertop and bathroom tile grout, hanging the artwork, sconces, etc and inspecting the pergola treatment that Doug Brown and Jose Luis Avila are doing for me this week. I have come to rely on Doug and Ann Brown. They have been living in Loreto for the past year and really have kept in touch with what needs to be done for home maintenance as well as provide resources for additional upgrades, ie. additional wrought iron towel bars and hooks, a small water softener unit for the homes (this is being tested right currently with a few homeowners) and now Doug has teamed up with a Loretano who's son attends school with his son to provide an additional vendor for the pergola treatments. Their prices are very reasonable and I love the fact that I am helping a local launch a new business for themselves. That is what community is all about.

I am also very anxious to see the additional changes that are taking place within the common areas of the village. I know that this has been a priority item for RePlay as well as the paseo redesign. The cobblestone walkways had been installed around my home when we were there last August but the landscaping of plants and trees was still left to be done. TCC had some links to new photos in their November 08 newsletter posted on their site and they are making great progress. The pool across from the hotel is all plastered and almost ready for sealing, tiling and then filling it up! I'm sure the homeowners in that area will be thrilled to have that additional amenity for use as well as it will add appeal and value to their homes.

I will post as many new photos for you as possible when I return for those homeowners that don't get to Loreto as often as some of us can.

Until then........Adios!

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