Friday, March 13, 2009

Loreto Bay HOA Sub Regimes

We are looking for all Homeowners of Loreto Bay to join Club Loreto Bay (membership is only for valid LB homeowners) to help get registered with a proxy for the upcoming HOA Sub-Regime meetings scheduled in April. There are several discussions and groups currently organized to adequately represent each Sub Regime in the meetings. If we do not have proxy votes from all current homeowners or have them in attendance at the meeting, Loreto Bay will have majority holding, therefore a majority vote in approving the current budget and any possible issues that the homeowners wish to bring up and address in this public forum. Please take the time to sign up and get yourself represented. Club Loreto Bay requires an invitation to join, you may email me with a request and I will send you an invite or you may contact Barry Sardis or Loni & Clint Stark for an invitation to this forum.

We need your input and your support.


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BajaBarry said...

Any current member of Club Loreto Bay can invite someone to join. Clint, Loni and I will approve new members that we verify as owners. We currently have over 400 members with more than 500 invitations outstanding.

Thanks for helping to get the word out.